A New Revolution in Mapping Technology

Toyota has been bringing something worth noticing in its Prius cars. This time it broke the record in incorporating a relationship cars can have with people. Sounds strange? But this actually happened in Vivid Sydney. This festival was a success due to combined work of Toyota and Soap Creative. Toyota was brought on board due to its remarkable automotive brand in history.

At the festival, 3 Toyota Prius cars were transformed with an installation that enabled cars to emotionally interact with people. The technology used internal projection mapping along with lighting, sound and animation. Each car has its own personality which was developed as an R & D project at Soap. Such cars are named as “Cars that Feel”. Cars displayed different emotions on their windscreens like “hug me”, “kiss me” and “tickle me”.Toyota Prius Cars

Colorful images were displayed along with close-ups of mouth and eyes through great lighting and sound effects which amused the passer by.

As the festival took place at night, so the cars were set to sleep during the day so they can perform and illustrate their lighting show at night in front of the guests.

The Soap’s in-house development team took four months to complete this task of developing emotional cars. Music and sound design was done in coordination with Bruce Heald and his team. The technical setup of these cars uses 6 internal BenQ projectors, high intensity LED lights and Arduino controller.

According to Brad Eldridge, a Soap creative partner, “Soap is a collection of people who love to play, make and do. We’ve always been fans of Vivid and we’re stoked to be able to contribute a playful, interactive digital experience that brings something new to the festival.”

These Prius cars illustrate an example of hybrid technology which demonstrates that Prius is now the hero of such an innovative and futuristic installation. So a relationship can be observed between cars and people due to such experiments.

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