Most Important Steps to Optimize Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook requires incredible amount of cash. But the whole process leaves them unaware of the fact that they do not understand the goal of their Ads. The need of Facebook Ads optimization requires continual monitoring and minor adjustments accordingly so that the goal of targeting accurate customers is achieved. Following are some of the ways to target the right market.

1. Segmenting Target Audience

This is done by breaking up all the targeted audience into smaller segments. Then a similar ad is run over all the segments and best response is viewed. However the segmentation needs to be done very carefully as overlapping can result in showing same ad multiple times. The size of audience segments can be from 50,000 to 100,000 people.Quoting US

2. Optimizing Ad Budget

It is very important to setup a budget for your ad i.e. whether ad will be running for more than one days or you will be paying daily. Optimizing the budget is very helpful in fixing the amount for your campaign.

3. Sorting Ads on Expenditure Basis

If you are dealing with multiple ads at the same time, then you need to optimize them on how much money is being spent on each of them. Sort out top 10 ads on cost spend basis i.e. cost per conversion, cost per click and click through rate.

Then kill the ads based on CTR i.e. ads having low CTR. CTR varies depending on the placement.

4. Making a Clickable Story

In order to convince the customers to make a purchase, a frame needs to be specified having specific characters in the title and the body. Magazines and newspapers are bombarded with many ads but only some lead to a purchase.
Multiple ads having different contents may lead to successful marketing.

5. Using Incredible Images

It is very important to use best images in order to engage the targeted audience.

  1. Always select a simple and bold image focusing on a single object.
  2. Use abstract vocabulary while searching images which can convey emotion.
  3. Keep on changing the look of your ads so that your audience doesnt get tired of the same outlook and remain connected.
  4. Use images that match with the personality of your brand.


6. Creating Multiple Ads

Make a variety of ads using many images and keeping an option to copy. A brand compaign can be initiated with multiple ad sets. Depending on the response, it can be proceeded with one or two top ads.

7. Bidding Pattern

In order to run an ad on Facebook, a bit has to be submitted. Best way is to keep a mix of high and low bids as only high bids can lead to high CTRs.

8. Magnifying the Hot Content

The content which receives maximum engagement is termed as the “hot” content. The branded content needs to be amplified.

9. Setting a Schedule

A very important marketing technique used is that different results are obtained in different days of a week. A good marketing tip is to run your ad at those timings and days when results are most profitable. This will automatically increase your brand’s performance.

10. Using Custom Audience and Lookalike Targeting

Custom Audience Targeting shows your ad to specific people on the basis of their email addresses and phone numbers. You need to upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers and your ad will be shown to these people only having matched user Ids.

Lookalike targeting matches users on Facebook with an imported list of phone numbers or email addresses. All demographics are matched with the Custom list and then a program in Facebook matches them with the provided list. Only matched candidates will view your ad.

11. Creating Saved Target Groups

By using the Facebook Power Editor, target groups can be created and marketing to these groups can be done consistently. Power editor is a free plugin available on chrome and it helps in effective Facebook advertising.

12. Using Conversion Tracking to View results

Facebook doesn’t show what sale is generated from each ad. For this purpose, ROI should be measured for Facebook advertising. The best solution is to use conversion tracking service that keeps track of each ad and generates its sale.

There is no hard and fast rule for what images and content can be included in an ad to make it a successful one. The more you test and tweak, results can be more clarified. So aiming ads towards different sets of population and analyzing the results will give you a better idea which ad where works better.


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