Google Wallet - An Easy Access to Your Traditional Wallet

Our wallet is a complete mess full of a bundle of receipts, a bunch of cards, tickets, boarding passes and gift cards. In short, it is a thing whose valuables are ignored without being aware of their usage.

This application been in view for some years but not used commonly. The reason behind this is that NFC devices have not been adopted by many businesses. NFC stands for “near field communications” and this short range wireless technology is needed for Google Wallet to operate and make mobile payments.

Google Wallet can be used in following ways:

1. Payments through Google Wallet

Google Wallet has made things lot easier as there is no need of any debit card or cash to pay for shopped items. Any android or IOS device can be used to make the required purchase and it can be checked through an email having a copy of electronic receipt. In order to make payment, phone is placed on the card reader, then PIN number is entered and money is automatically transferred.

One limitation of using Google Wallet this way is it can be used at only those locations which have PayPass-enabled terminals plus device having NFC approach.

2. Money Attachment through Emails

Attach Money
Another striking feature of Google Wallet is that money can be sent to people through Gmail as an attachment. This only requires storing your credit and debit card information on your smartphone devices. This service is free for those users whose bank account is linked to their Google wallets and who have a prepaid account for Google Wallet. However, in the absence of either mentioned circumstances, some money is charged for drawing money from credit or debit cards.

Both sender and receiver need to have a Google Wallet account and should be able to send money as it will be displayed as a dollar icon in the attachment area.

3. Google Wallet Card

If a shopping place doesn’t support PayPass which is necessary for Google Wallet to operate, then Google Wallet Card can be used. This card has an advantage of combining balance of all debit cards into a single debit card that can be used at any location. Google Wallet card can be used to draw cash from ATMs similar to other bankcards. In order to activate the Google Wallet card, a request is sent after downloading Google Wallet app. This activation procedure requires no charges.


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