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Most Important Steps to Optimize Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook requires incredible amount of cash. But the whole process leaves them unaware of the fact that they do not understand the goal of their Ads. The need of Facebook Ads optimization requires continual monitoring and minor adjustments accordingly so that the goal of targeting accurate customers is achieved. Following are some of the ways to target the right market.

1. Segmenting Target Audience

This is done by breaking up all the targeted audience into smaller segments. Then a similar ad is run over all the segments and best response is viewed. However the […]

Dilemma of Facebook Likes


Facebook has started to act as a sharing trap where we see different companies and brands promoting their products. Eventually, we are forced to like these pages due to their targeted marketing strategies. Besides these companies, many harmless photos are appearing on main screen of Facebook that attract sympathies of common man. This sharing trap, in other words, called as like-farming is extremely dangerous.

Like-farming is a scam. How? You see many magical photos on facebook that tell you to type some word in their comment and see what happens. Sorry to say but nothing changes […]