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Job Description:

UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. immediately requires highly talented and experienced PHP Developer and Designer with good communication skills and a proven track record in PHP Development. As a PHP Developer, you will be required to work in PHP, MySQL & AJAX. Minimum 2 years of experience or strong project portfolio in Web Development.


BS or Masters

Preferred Skills:

– Good Programming and OOP Concepts
– Jquery
– Experience in building Responsive Layout
– Experience with Databases
– Experience in common third-party APIs (google, facebook, payment […]

How A Startup Can Acquire Users With No Marketing Budget

The best key marketing choice you can ever make is to have an item or business that satisfies a genuine propelling need to a real and defined group of people regardless of how much tweaking and refining takes place. You can’t attain the 100k clients focus with zero marketing plan unless you’ve got an astounding item that fills a genuine and constraining need at this moment.

As opposed to hold up, marketers need to take their part in the process. Segregating who your clients are, evaluating their needs, designing their product that blow their minds–these […]

Google Wallet – An Easy Access to Your Traditional Wallet

Our wallet is a complete mess full of a bundle of receipts, a bunch of cards, tickets, boarding passes and gift cards. In short, it is a thing whose valuables are ignored without being aware of their usage.

This application been in view for some years but not used commonly. The reason behind this is that NFC devices have not been adopted by many businesses. NFC stands for “near field communications” and this short range wireless technology is needed for Google Wallet to operate and make mobile payments.

Google Wallet can be used in following ways:

Most Important Steps to Optimize Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook requires incredible amount of cash. But the whole process leaves them unaware of the fact that they do not understand the goal of their Ads. The need of Facebook Ads optimization requires continual monitoring and minor adjustments accordingly so that the goal of targeting accurate customers is achieved. Following are some of the ways to target the right market.

1. Segmenting Target Audience

This is done by breaking up all the targeted audience into smaller segments. Then a similar ad is run over all the segments and best response is viewed. However the […]